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The blind want eyes,dumb want to speakes,poor wants riches,but where is solution ?

The Land is the home land of eighteen thousand Scholars, within that the world creator has created only Human beings with his own “light and soul”. Human being  are the central point of all creation and development .Only Bishow Bishorgo is the foundation of all civilization. So  casting aside the development of the house it is meaningless to think of the development of Bishow Bishorgo Media. The house is the heaven , The house is the hell too, there is no place like the house.In spite of  so improvement of knowledge and science the cause of the extreme disturbance of human society is the very lackness of big knowledge. So, one  life is zero,and adducing of two zero is entire life.In this Bishow Bishorgo the game of four nation is divided into six parts. Man want to know ther unknown,which her did not see want to see that , which he did not get he want to get this.This three desire is for all of the Nation . The blind want eyes,dumb want to speakes,poor wants riches,but where is solution ? In this twenty-one hundred age Bishow Bishorgo Group will give to the human being Non Oil Automatic Engine .Race-religion indiscriminately you also collect a Automatic Engine.Checked & Verify ,ChangeYour fortune Yourself .

Life time Member of Bishow Bishorgo Media  :

Md.Rahim Shah Chistia-Shah Ali Darbar Shareef-Mirpur-

Md.Nazrul Islam Hezazi-District Reporter,Khabor Sholoana-8801715645384

Miss Rukaya Mamun-Director of Bishow bishorgo Media-8801711-462766

Miss Fatima Binte Mamun-Director of Bishow Bishorgo Media-8801730335846

Miss Umme Qulsum Umama-Director of Bishow Bishorgo Media-8801730335846